Middleton's Hotel

We arrived at breakfast to find that it was ‘to order’ as starters and mains. Everything was there although perhaps not in quite the right order for me personally. I opted for the American stacked pancakes with berries. The breakfast room was a little chaotic, so rather than linger at the table we returned to our room where we could chill out before walking to York Minster in time for when it opened.

As we walked to the Cathedral we took in a few of the ice sculptures that were part of the Ice Sculpture trail that was taking place over the weekend. Mr C toyed with the idea of visiting the Yorvik Centre but soon changed his mind when entry was slow and the queues were getting longer.

York Minster

When we arrived at York Minster we waited in a short queue before we were able to enter the Church. Once inside we tried to book in at the ticket desk, but the computer said ‘NO!’. This meant entering the Minster took a little longer than anticipated. The Minster was as spectacular as always. I particularly enjoyed the display (which included a full size replica) about the statue of Queen Elizabeth II that was commissioned for her Platinum Jubilee but which was installed in a niche on the West front of the Minster after her death.

Bettys Delights

We spent longer in the Minster than we had anticipated leading us to join the queue for Betty’s tearoom later than was ideal. The queue was the longest I have experienced. During the 40 minute wait I was bumped and pushed by several members of a family who were queuing behind us. For some reason bodily contact with me was acceptable; some people have no concept of manners or personal space. Our waitress was lovely as was our sandwich and cake. Before we left we had a conversation with the manager about lockdown, its consequences and the length of time staff had worked there. She is quite rightly proud of the lovely, loyal team that provide us, the customers, with one of the ultimate lunchtime experiences.

Wall Walk

Next we embarked on the wall walk which I had initially intended to do on my own whilst Mr C was attending a trade show. I had a change of plan because I thought he might enjoy the wall walk too. We started the walk at Bootham Bar but due to our late lunch we only made it as far as Clifford’s Tower. Dusk was arriving so the wall walk was left to be completed the following day after the trade show.

After our hectic day we chilled out in our room before having a pre-dinner drink in the hotel bar, where the bar man talked us through all the local gins; I chose Spiced Apple (with cinnamon spice)  whilst Mr C opted for a more traditional Gin. We dined in the hotel. I chose Haddock and Chips and was advised that the portion was large portion but when it arrived, to my relief, I found it to be a modest, manageable portion.

Our meal was accompanied by Lily Kersby who was performing in the hotel bar area. She has a beautiful voice and it was a shame that she was singing to herself. After dining we joined her, which she appreciated. For her last song of the evening she sang the Proclaimer’s ‘I will walk 500 miles’ which made me smile because it is the adopted song for the #walk1000miles Country Walking Challenge. I couldn’t resist showing her my badges and explaining how that had become a special song for me.

10 Comments CherryPie on Feb 15th 2023

10 Responses to “York – Day Two”

  1. lisl says:

    I remember trying to visit the Yorvik Centre many years ago, but the noise deafened me and I had to retreat. Fortunately we were given our money back

    • CherryPie says:

      Was the noise in the entrance area? Once you get seated on the ride you aren’t able to get off and I don’t remember that part being noisy.

  2. The ice sculptures look good. My son and I visited the Yorvik centre when we visited York for the day some years ago. Its very good. Sorry to hear about the queue at Betty’s and also the dreadful family who had no concept of personal space :(

  3. lowcarbdiabeticJan says:

    It sounds that there were a lot of people around …

    All the best Jan


  4. lowcarbdiabeticJan says:

    PS Meant to say the ice sculpture looks good.

    All the best Jan

  5. Shabana says:

    Ice sculpture looks stunning. York sounds excellent place with amazing spots to visit. Sorry that you felt uneasy because of people queuing behind you. Quest are frustrating indeed and boring as well. But seems that it was rewarded with great experience of exploring the place later. Minister sounds beautiful place to dine and and enjoy.

    What a delightful surprise that singer sand song that related to your walks :)

    • CherryPie says:

      I think you would love a visit to York there is so much to see and York Minster is amazing. As with so many of our Cathedral’s there is the history that saved them from collapsing due to boggy ground or the weight of the structure.