York Chocolate Experience

We awoke to bright sunshine and had a window seat at breakfast that allowed us to enjoy the golden rays.

After breakfast Mr C headed off to visit a trade show, one of the main reasons for our stay in York. I walked into York thinking I would visit the ‘Chocolate Experience’ attraction when I got there I realised that I was muddling it up with York’s other chocolate adventure. The ‘Chocolate Experience’ is something to explore with other chocolate seeking adventurers.

Fiarfax House

My plan B was to visit the nearby Fairfax House but I found that it didn’t open until 11am. The chocolate factory I had originally been thinking of was nearby but by this time I had gone off the idea of a chocolaty adventure. I spent a pleasant time browsing in Waterstones and was tempted by one of the games (Parks), but I resisted temptation. By now Fairfax House had opened so I returned to the small property before making my way to Clifford’s Tower to sit on one of the benches part way up the Motte, soaking up the sunny rays whilst waiting for Mr C. My lofty perch allowed me to view the antics in the car park below and a loud shouting exchange that followed a mini bumping of two cars. The car park has narrow spaces and is extremely busy, not a place I would choose to park.

Although we were in the location to continue our walk along the town walls we had to make our way into town for lunch, the nearby Castle Museum café was not only available to museum visitors. Our walk took us through the busy car park where people were still struggling to get in and out of the extremely narrow spaces. We lunched in Pret, where due to a miscommunication, I ended up with the wrong sandwich!

During the morning Mr C had been told that a Royal Mail parcel would be delivered but the on-line options for changing the delivery arrangements did not offer a suitable alternative delivery whilst we were away. Mr C was advised that it had been delivered to our secure porch. We don’t have a secure porch leaving us to wonder what exactly Royal Mail had done with the parcel…

Wall Walk

We retraced our steps from Pret and resumed the wall walk. The wall walk ended in the perfect location for visiting the Yorkshire Museum which is currently exhibiting the Rydale Hoard. Just outside the museum was an ice Viking, part of the ice trail. I chose not to photograph it before we entered the museum which was a big mistake. When we left it had vanished with just a patch of water to show where it had been. Many children and parents were milling around, having just arrived to tick it off the trail list.

Yorkshire Museum

Back at the hotel Mr C had an update on the parcel delivery. The picture of a ’secure porch’ was a doormat? We phoned a family member to ask them to check if a parcel had been delivered to our doorstep. They came back with a negative, there was nothing left on our doorstep.


We dined in Ate O’Clock which has a charming entrance that invites you. Our delightful waiter informed us that some of the menu choices were no longer available. Although this was not ideal, at least we knew in advance so that we didn’t get our taste buds leaning towards one of the missing items.

We visited the Golden Fleece before heading back to the hotel for a nightcap which we purchased from the hotel bar and took to our room to chill out in comfort.

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  1. I love the entrance to the restaurant. York is such an ideal place for a short break as so much to see and do.

  2. lisl says:

    You certainly pack a lot into your days, Cherie