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After lunch on Easter Monday we visited Hodnet Hall gardens which is always a lovely place to visit. We also had high hopes for the illusive piece of cake that we missed out on during our previous days travels. On arrival it was suggested that we didn’t park in the visitor car park due to [...]

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We awoke to bright sunshine and had a window seat at breakfast that allowed us to enjoy the golden rays.
After breakfast Mr C headed off to visit a trade show, one of the main reasons for our stay in York. I walked into York thinking I would visit the ‘Chocolate Experience’ attraction when I got [...]

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We had a lovely lunch time tour of Pitchford Hall where by coincidence we had the same guide that took us on our previous tour in 2018. Our guide is a fountain of knowledge and Mr C and I had the privilege of a lengthy conversation with her as we enjoyed mince pies and mulled [...]

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We enjoyed our final breakfast with a window view over the Thames, making a full set of breakfasts with window views. Before checking out, Mr C parked the car at the back of the hotel near to our room so that we could load our cases into the car easily. As we were loading the [...]

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… a walk in pictures

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Raby Castle was built in the 14th century by the Nevill family. It was home to Cecily Nevill, mother of two kings of England, it was also the scene of the plotting of the Rising of the North and a Parliamentary stronghold during the Civil War.

Originally moated and accessed via a drawbridge, the Castle was [...]

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