Denise 3 in 1

We arrived for breakfast to find, unexpectedly, that it was in a different room with different waiters including the barman from previous evenings. In one corner of the room the Ice Sculptors were having breakfast together. One of them was rather rude, having a loud business conversation (that the whole room had to suffer) rather than retreating to take the call in a more appropriate location.

After breakfast we loaded the car and headed off to the Railway Museum only to find that it wasn’t open on Mondays. We had already left York centre and didn’t want to retrace our steps so we set off in a general homeward direction hoping for inspiration along the way.

Mr C suggested that we stop at the next motorway service station for elevenses. The signposts were specific and then confusing leading to Mr C missing the turning and ending up on the road to Pontefract where we saw a friendly sign to a nearby shopping outlet. They were bound to have morning refreshment options there.

Suitably refreshed we did a circuit of the shopping village. The first shop I ventured into was Craghoppers where I saw a lovely waterproof (3 in 1) navy coat with a soft pink fleece inside. I resisted the urge to try it on. How many waterproof coats does a girl need, even if they had been looking for the perfect navy coloured waterproof that would work just as well with evening wear?

Mr C was drawn into the cookshops and came away with several baking trays and an enamel roasting tin, then we browsed a bedding shop but decided not to buy the only bedding set that caught our eye. When we had completed the full circuit of the shopping village and were about leave, the coat called me back… Apparently a girl can never have too many waterproof coats!

Purchase completed we resumed our journey stopping off at Derby garden centre in Little Eaton for lunch. Our order was taken at the table and delivered on a delightful tea trolley. No wonder the café was full on a Monday.

Belated Birthday Delights

When we arrived home, both Mr C and I noticed immediately that the delivery we had been concerned about was under our doormat. The doormat, which had featured in the delivery confirmation update, was the secure porch mentioned in the text. I enjoyed opening my belated birthday present, a two sided wrap skirt that has many different styling possibilities.

Sweet Honeysuckle

Later we enjoyed ‘Fine Dining’ on luxury fishcakes from our freezer and the mixed leaves we had picked up on our way home.

Not the day we had planned but it was enjoyable none the less.

4 Comments CherryPie on Feb 20th 2023

4 Responses to “York – Day Four”

  1. Always good to get away for a break especially if you come home with purchases :)

  2. Shabana says:

    glad you enjoyed your trip greatly dear Cheri
    yes some people have habit to speak loud even when they are in public place or hotel lounge .we too experienced something like that during our visit to Karachi restaurant though one thing seemed bit positive that a young guy was trying to entertain his parents probably with some of his stories (a guess) being parent found it nice somehow :)

    oh yes girls can have coats as much they want :) )) i think the blue is quite hard to resist :) i loved your choice and i am happy you listened to your heart
    i was newly married more than thirty years ago when i so liked the white shoes but don’t know why i could not mention this to hubby during our first trip to Taxila city near our native village ,i was shy probably .but those white shoes remained stamped in my head until today :) so it is better to buy what you like
    hugs and blessings