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Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.
Lorraine Hansberry

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The part of the wells can be found is a complex of small pools and channels, fed by an underground river. The sluice gates regulate the flow of water into the moat and other water channels. Water can sometimes be seen bubbling up in the clear water of the wells.

Bishop Law enclose a group of [...]

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Where there is friendship there is infinite possibility.

From a Thousand Paths to friendship by David Baird

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In 705 King Ine if Wessex hear these Wells to Aldhem, his bishop, so that he could build a minster. The Saxon minster lay just south of the present Cathedral. A stream from this well flowed close beside the minster. Water might have been taken from the stream for use in some church ceremonies.
The wells’ [...]

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The Weight of our Sins… beneath Wells Cathedral

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