The Sluice Gates

The part of the wells can be found is a complex of small pools and channels, fed by an underground river. The sluice gates regulate the flow of water into the moat and other water channels. Water can sometimes be seen bubbling up in the clear water of the wells.

Water Channel

Well Pool Reflection

Bishop Law enclose a group of three small well springs to create a new pond. On a still day this pool perfectly mirrors the cathedral.*

Feeding the Moat

Feeding the Moat

After heavy rain the flow of water increases, and local flooding becomes a risk. The palace gardeners can open sluices to let more water into the moat so the pool doesn’t overflow.*

The Moat

*From a signboard next to the sluice gate

4 Comments CherryPie on May 15th 2017

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  1. Amfortas says:

    For the larger part of my life I have lived with no sight of bodies of water. There were always lakes around but I did not seem to get the time to ‘use’ them let alone see them. As a kiddie I did have a river – a stream really- nearby that I played with, in and around, and did so frequently. Perhaps that is why I just love water views. For a short time I had the Straits of Malacca to sail a small boat on but that was short-lived. Now as dusk falls I have the most beautiful stretch of water – a wide estuary framed by hills – that I enjoy every single day. It is a changing body of water. By the minute.

    But nothing could beat having one’s own dream moat.

    • CherryPie says:

      There is something about water that draws one to it. The way that light plays across it at different times of day and ripples on the surface or stillness at other times are quite magical and captivating.

      This particular moat surrounds the The Bishop’s Palace, part of which the Bishop of Bath and Wells still lives. Up until 2011 the Wells and the garden surrounding them were part of the Bishop’s private garden.

  2. Wonderful shots, CP. I have a lovely memory of wandering round the Bishops’ Garden on a hot summer afternoon, basking in the heat and the scent of the place. It’s a perfect gem.