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I handed mum her birthday present before we tucked into the delicious breakfast that was on offer. There was a good selection of cold buffet items and an option for a cooked breakfast to order. After we were comfortably replete, we walked to the Yorkshire museum via the museum gardens. The gardens were pleasant with [...]

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Visitors approach the Garden of Reflection along curving paths past the well pools. The planting echoes colours and shapes of the stained glass in the palace chapel.

Within the garden they find themselves beneath the gaze of the Cathedral tower, in a green and sheltering enclosure. Beside the path is a long, curving stone seat.
a place [...]

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The part of the wells can be found is a complex of small pools and channels, fed by an underground river. The sluice gates regulate the flow of water into the moat and other water channels. Water can sometimes be seen bubbling up in the clear water of the wells.

Bishop Law enclose a group of [...]

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After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and made our way to the Hospital of St Cross. This turned out to be a bit of a challenge, it was Winchester College’s graduation day so with the ceremony taking place in Winchester Cathedral there was traffic congestion.

The Hospital of St Cross is one of England’s [...]

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I awoke abruptly at 1am in the morning to the sound of what I soon realized was the fire alarm going off. We both leaped out of bed just as the alarm stopped ringing so I returned to bed and when I was satisfied it was a false alarm I went back to sleep. I [...]

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Greywacke lid of the sarcophagus of the Steward of the Treasury Ptahhotep, son of Horenpetnakht, inscribed with a text from the book of the Dead, Chapter 72.*

*From a sign board nest to the sarcophagus.

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