After the tour of the castle it was time for lunch which gave me a chance to peruse the guidebook and see what else was in the grounds. I noticed that there was a Maze and Grotto which looked interesting. It made me smile that the frequent visitors didn’t realise it was there ;-)

So after lunch we duly headed in that direction, taking in the aviary on the way. The aviaries were opened in 1988 and currently house over 100 species from around the world. Whilst looking round the aviary there was the sudden loud roaring noise of a low flying aircraft which scared most of the visitors and the birds too. The poor parrot I was observing at the time jumped up from it’s daily activities and paced backwards and forwards along a branch in the cage, with sideways glances at me. When I made to walk off, it said ‘Hello!’, which made the other people nearby do a double take. I guess the parrot didn’t want me to leave just yet.

The goose in the second photograph is quite elderly and was very vocal if anyone stood right behind her where she couldn’t see them. I can’t blame her really, I hate people standing right behind me.

The third photograph shows a statue that is just outside the aviary, it is the work of Malcolm Murduck and is entitled ‘Le Chateaux des Oiseaux’.

The Aviary

An Old Lady

Le Chateaux des Oiseaux

15 Comments CherryPie on Feb 12th 2011

15 Responses to “Leeds Castle – The Aviary”

  1. The aviary is my favourite part of the castle! ;)
    The goose in the second photo is actually a Chinese goose.
    I used to keep two when I was little in Malaysia.
    They were very vocal, especially when they saw strangers.
    Hence, some people keep them as watch dogs!

  2. Ayush says:

    seems like a lovely day. nice expansive view of the rolling greens

  3. And aviaries too. Come Spring I think I’ll be taking the car further afield

  4. MTG says:

    I have always loved birds, CP.

  5. Janice says:

    Like that bird sculpture!
    When I still worked there was an aviary next door – at lunch time I used to visit a certain red lory – he bit everyone else but would turn inside-out for a few strokes on his back and neck from me – we became great pals.

  6. Ellee says:

    I’ve been to the castle, but I don’t remember the aviary. Your pics have reminded me how wonderful it is there.

    • CherryPie says:

      The local people didn’t know about the aviary or the maze either. I always look in the guide to see what is available. I noticed it and they were quite surprised ;-)

  7. Sam M says:

    My dad is Malcolm Murduck who carved the sculpture. He died 5 years ago now so I am pleased to see that people are still enjoying his work. Lovely photo x

    • CherryPie says:

      Hello Sam,

      Thank you for dropping by.

      It is a fine sculpture, I am glad you like the photo :-)

      I have seen some excellent photos of it on the Flickr site.

  8. Yvonne Ball says:

    Hi there,

    I work for a real estate agency in Oamaru and we have been donated one of your Father’s pieces that he sculpted here a few years ago to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House South Island (a charatiy that provides a family type living environment for families staying by the hospital with children going through illnesses).

    I would like to include a blurb about your Dad and the piece but I am having difficultly finding out more about him, his life and his work. We are holding a charity auction and I would love to be able to honour your father during this process. I would be happy to send you photos and keep you in the loop as well.

    I look forward to your thoughts and hopefully your help.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Kind regards,
    Yvonne Ball