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This sculpture by David Wynne shows the moment when Mary recognises Jesus on the morning of his resurrection.
A sign next to the sculpture states that the figures are so thin it is as though everything has been stripped from them except the core of their being.

Jesus said: ‘Woman, why are you weeping?’ Supposing him to [...]

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Ely Eel

Ely lies in the heart of the Fens and was once an island surrounded by marshland and water that contained many eels. It is thought that the abundance of eels led to the name that the city bears to this day.*

Eels were historically part of the local staple diet as well as a valuable source [...]

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At the end of the picturesque terrace stands the Temple of Ceres, goddess of the Harvests. The pavilion marks the entrance to the Terrace of Infinity. On account of its location the Terrace of Infinity has earned the title of ‘the Doorway of the Sun’.*

You will have to wait until my next post for my [...]

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Banbury Cross

Banbury Cross
In the middle ages three crosses stood in different locations around the town. All three, The White Cross in West Bar, The Bread Cross near Butchers Row and High Street and finally The High or Market Cross in Cornhill were destroyed by puritans at the star of the 1600’s. The puritans disliked religious imagery [...]

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The church was built in the 1840s to a neo-Gothic design by architect August Welby Pugin, famous for his work on the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. It was paid for by halfpenny donations from the poorest community of immigrants on Tyneside, and was enhanced in the following decades by bequests from the Dunn family [...]

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Strolling along the River Dilje on our way back to Hotel Klooster I noticed the side view of this rather striking statue. The statue caught my eye because it was set off by the neighboring tree trunk which to me presents a similar profile and this intrigued me.

When I moved round to the [...]

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