The Statue of Ceres

At the end of the picturesque terrace stands the Temple of Ceres, goddess of the Harvests. The pavilion marks the entrance to the Terrace of Infinity. On account of its location the Terrace of Infinity has earned the title of ‘the Doorway of the Sun’.*

The Temple of Ceres

You will have to wait until my next post for my views of the Terrace of Infinity.

*From the Villa Cimbrone guide leaflet

2 Comments CherryPie on Feb 9th 2018

2 Responses to “Villa Cimbrone – The Statue of Ceres”

  1. Amfortas says:

    On its own? Or is there a companion piece nearby? I find statues serve more than simply a ‘memorial’ purpose in such physical circumstances. They add a human being, albeit in stone, to an otherwise empty place. Anyone arriving there will find a ‘being’ to welcome them. And the statue need not be alone, waiting for company, if there were two.

    • CherryPie says:

      There is no companion piece, although the garden has many statues. My next post shows what is beyond the Temple of Ceres…

      So maybe she is not alone after all?

      It was difficult to take photographs without people in them. I had to be patient and bide my time :-)