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Behind the pavillion lies the Hortensia Avenue:

The renaissance references ad the inspiration of the Medici villas is strong in this avenue which extends beneath a thick pergola supported by substantial round terracotta columns. A century-old banksiana tree with its clear, scented flowers shades the walk with is bordered by flourishing, colourful hortensia blooms. At the [...]

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The Tea-room was constructed as an open pavilion.

In the area before it we can see and old stone well, four beautiful columns from roman times, carved in the middle ages with multiple figures in relief, two elegant bronze deer, a square seat with little columns and a stone seashell with sea monsters. Recent studies date [...]

18 Comments CherryPie on Feb 19th 2018

Here within an arabesque balustrade, mindful on an old and absolutely English badminton court, in geometric flower beds, from May to October, ancient varieties of beautiful, scented French and English roses flower. In the middle stands a light stone meridian, on the outer edges, four ornamental statues: Flora, goddess of Flowers and Spring, Leda with [...]

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The bronze statue of David was produced by the Neapolitan sculpter Gioachino Varles, in imitation of the one by Verrocchio kept at the national museum in Florence.

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Situated among holm oaks, alder trees and chestnuts lies a natural cave displaying a statue of Eve.

Eve appears to turn, surprised, while her posture and that shy bringing of the hand to the face, communicate feelings of expectation and uneasiness. The technical skill of the sculptor is clear in the softness of the body, in [...]

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The Temple of Bacchus is supported by eight Doric columns:

On the decorated traveation we can read the following inscription by Catallus: “Oquid solutes est beatius curis mens onus reponit ac peregrine labore fessi venimus larem ad nostrum desiteratosque acquiescimus lecto” (what is finer than, when work is done, with a mind free of every worry [...]

6 Comments CherryPie on Feb 13th 2018

We proceed on our visit with our hearts full of joy and our spirits refreshed, down a steep lane which leads us to the Seat of Mercury, winged messenger to the gods, where we find a XVIIIth century bronze copy of “Hermes at rest”, a statue from the old school of Lisippo on display at [...]

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