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Sweet Dreams

I happen to like the sounds of the city ;-)

14 Comments CherryPie on Aug 23rd 2014

14 Responses to “Sweet Dreams…”

  1. ....peter:) says:

    we have the best of both worlds Cherie… during the week the lake is pretty quiet… and then about 3,000 weekenders who own cottages descend on the lake… and there is lots of action and noise… but we like it that way….peter:)

    • CherryPie says:

      When at home in rural Shropshire I like it to be quiet and hear gentle noises and I love to hear the sound of the dawn chorus.

      When I am in the city or a more urban area I like to hear the hustle and bustle of city sounds, they also can be quite relaxing :-)

  2. enjoy soaking it all in:)
    happy trails,

  3. Ginnie says:

    I hate ever having to use earplugs, Cherry, but I guess if you need them, it’s good to know a good brand?!

  4. Ayush says:

    a well known brand. i wonder what the signs on the side mean

  5. james higham says:

    Yes but nice also to have the other option.

  6. Ha ha.. They pack their earplugs just like Macdonald’s pack their apple pies!

  7. Anne says:

    I just cannot bear these ear plugs , so irritating . But I do like the sound of the city too.