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We didn’t set off to Winchester as early as we planned and after picking up my mum and a brief stop on the motorway led to us arriving in Winchester at lunch time. We parked on the hotel car park and Mr C went to reception to tell them that we had arrived and would [...]

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…from Mercure Kensington

I happen to like the sounds of the city

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The breakfast was totally chaotic. On arrival there was no juice, fruit bowls or cereal bowls. I pointed out there were no bowls and the waitress said she would get some.  I waited five minutes and nothing happened… I gave up and went to fetch my side plate and put the fruit (strawberries, raspberries and [...]

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Our original plan was to travel to London by train, but due to engineering works taking place every weekend during August this proved to be impractical. Instead we traveled by car, stopping at the motorway services for lunch along the way.  The journey was painless. There was only one short delay due to a traffic [...]

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It just had to be done

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