Unexpected Growth

For today’s walk I retraced my steps after my planned circular walk picking up a prescription for my mum did not work out according to plan yesterday. I took time to look at the finer detail leading me to some childhood memories rather than the circular walk I had planned. I loved every minute of the walk :-)

Sunset Fields

Here follows the tale of my walk to the pharmacy.

On arrival at the pharmacy to pick up mums prescription I noticed that there were a lot of people in front of the building. I stopped on the corner of the road to put on a face mask and then started to make my way down the path to the pharmacy. As I did so I heard continuous coughing behind me and turned to see a man coughing and blowing his nose with his mask up and down. Not wanting to take any chances I stepped aside to let him past me.

As I joined the queue for the pharmacy it became apparent there were two queues. There was another queue of people waiting for their Covid vaccine at the medical practice next door. The two doors are next to each other which led to chaos and people joining the wrong queue.

Eventually it was time for me to enter the pharmacy, only to find that mums prescription had been not been made up. I had to wait outside whilst the prescription was made up.

As I was waiting I listened to the saga of two men that had turned up expecting to be vaccinated and were turned away. I found out later from the local newspaper that there had been an administrative error. Text messages had been sent out to advise that Covid vaccines were available without an appointment when this was not the case. I didn’t hear the full tail of their woes…

My mums name was called out, her prescription was ready. What I received seemed to differ from what she told me had been prescribed to her leading me to take it round to her straight away rather than later in the day on my evening visit.

Rather than my circular route I walked the direct route home to pick up my car! To add insult to injury it started to rain as I made my way back home.

Thankfully when mum and I looked at the bag of pills and paperwork they were what she had ordered.

Chapel View

Wrekin View

Station View

Pathway to All Saints

All Saints


Pilgrims Progress


Lest We Forget

4 Comments CherryPie on Feb 7th 2021

4 Responses to “The Best Laid Plans”

  1. shabana says:

    images from your walk are SPLENDID and AWESOME dear Cheri :) loved seeing what you find on your way ,that church window that had reflection of branches probably looks piece of art ,loved the all so much though

    you seems such sweet and caring daughter and i believe you both mum and daughter are fortunate to have each other !
    the mishap on pharmacy is sad and it was strange to know that such mistakes are possible in such computerized era ,but when it comes to humans this seems easy to possible yes
    wishing you all the health ,peace and happiness in days ahead!

    • CherryPie says:

      Behind the window is the Nativity Scene. I was surprised to see it was still there so long after Christmas!

      My mums Dr’s surgery is not very organised when it comes to patients care.

  2. Oh those are cloud ear fungi.
    Yes, they’re edible :)
    We call them “black wood ear” in Chinese, usually used in savoury stirfry dishes.
    There’s another type with wavy pattern, “white wood ear” used mainly in sweet desserts.

    I find prescription system in Britain rather tedious. Back home, we get our medicine straight after doctor’s visit from the reception. No need to rush to another place to obtain what was prescribed to you. General hospitals owned by Malaysian government even provide free medicines, but you have to pay for your own treatments.

    • CherryPie says:

      I had never seen that fungi before. Someone else referred to them a Jelly Ear fungus.

      Thank you for the additional information :-)

      This pharmacy is connected to the doctors surgery next door. The Doctor signs the prescription and passes it to the pharmacy for collection or free delivery. If you have seen the Doctor you get given the prescription to take next door to collect what you have been prescribed.

      My doctors surgery works in the same way with a pharmacy next door. It is much more efficient than my mums experiences.