The Moot Hall

This Gatehouse guarded the Hall of the Archbishops of York. They were Lords of the Manor of Hexham for nearly five hundred years until 1545.

These were troubled times on the Scottish Borders. This late mediaeval tower was heavily fortified with three sets of doors, overhanging parapets and murder holes. In the first-floor courtroom the Archbishop’s Bailiff administered justice. From the raised dais he heard pleas, settled disputes, delivered judgments and consulted with tenants.

In later centuries the gatehouse became the setting for the Quarter Sessions of county magistrates and for meetings of the town’s Borough Courts.

Since then it has been known as the Moot Hall.*

The Moot Hall

*Information taken from a signboard located on The Moot Hall

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  1. Hexham is one of those places that I have passed by so many times, and keep meaning to visit, but never have. Based on everything I’ve seen, it is a beautiful and fascinating town.

  2. This moot hall is so different to the one I saw in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.