Golden Pathway

For several months my compact camera has intermittently malfunctioned in several ways. One of the irritating features was when I pressed the zoom function it started video recording instead. On my recent walk in Shrewsbury the zoom function failed completely.

I take pleasure in photographing what I see when I am out and about and although I have my larger ‘mirrorless’ camera that is not convenient on every adventure.

I was reluctant to choose the same make camera that had failed, it is the second that has failed me and Mr C’s camera of the same make (and model) recently stopped functioning properly. I settled on a Canon G7X MkII and searched for the cheapest option from a reputable supplier. I was surprised to find a kit including the camera, memory card and flexible mini tripod had recently been reduced. It was cheaper than buying the camera on its own. A bargain not to be missed!

My planned afternoon walk in the sunshine testing out my camera didn’t go according to plan, I ended up with a quick walk along a local pathway as the sun was setting. I am happy with the quality of the images and I am reminded why I always loved Canon cameras.

Leaves of Gold

Golden Reflections

Golden Leaf

Golden Glow

Golden Tints

Golden Beak

Hidden Gold

Golden Sunset

I now have to get to grips with the menu system so I can fine tune my photographic ideas.

10 Comments CherryPie on Oct 30th 2021

10 Responses to “Testing A New Camera”

  1. Hels says:

    Love it :) The duck is so amazingly perfect, it might have been a life size model.

  2. Mark in Mayenne says:

    Nice pics, as always! Have fun with thé New caméra!

    • CherryPie says:

      Thank you :-)

      I am already enjoying the quality of colours and detail the camera has captured. Most of the photos didn’t need any editing.

      Now I just need to work out the menu system which is not intuitive.

  3. Ayush says:

    it is always a bit of a change of pace when moving to a new device. i can certainly detect the difference in the optical quality, CP.

    • CherryPie says:

      Thank you :-)

      So far I think the image quality is superior to both the broken compact camera an my mirrorless camera Maybe it is time to change the mirrorless camera too.

  4. The photos are super – they really are – no wonder you are plased with it :) Son uses a Canon bridge camera – he loves it. It is better for macro and bird photography I think compared to my Pansonic bridge.

    • CherryPie says:

      Thank you :-)

      For many years I used Canon compact cameras and loved the quality of the images.

      I wanted to take my photography a little further and chose the mirrorless system which is smaller and more compact than DSLR I opted for the Panasonic Lumix G2, it was an amazing camera. I was disappointed when the camera shutter stopped working. I replaced it with the latest model in the series and I have never been entirely happy with it. It is larger and heavier and does not match the same image quality of the original camera. The images from the original camera rarely required editing, whereas the later version requires almost every image to need photo editing.

      This new canon has taken me back to enjoying the results (colours and crispness) all over again :-)

  5. And I am a Nikon user. Nikon and Canon are rivals, does it make us enemies? ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      No, we just know the perfect camera that works for us ;-)

      I have been using Lumix cameras for a few years. The first mirrorless one I had produced perfect images straight from the camera. Its replacement (after the shutter stopped working) has never produced the same quality of image no matter what camera setting I choose.

      Mr C and I both had the same Lumix compact camera and they both failed at the same time with the same faults.

      So I was tempted to go back to my trusty Canon for my replacement compact camera.