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This Gatehouse guarded the Hall of the Archbishops of York. They were Lords of the Manor of Hexham for nearly five hundred years until 1545.
These were troubled times on the Scottish Borders. This late mediaeval tower was heavily fortified with three sets of doors, overhanging parapets and murder holes. In the first-floor courtroom the Archbishop’s [...]

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We were all packed up and ready to go before we went down for breakfast so all we needed to do after breakfast was settle the bill for the few extras we had added to our room.

On the way home we stopped off at Hexham to see the Abbey as recommended by JD. Hexham Abbey [...]

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A moot hall is a meeting or assembly building, traditionally to decide local issues:
In Anglo-Saxon England, a low ring-shaped earthwork served as a moot hill or moot mound, where the elders of the hundred would meet to take decisions. Some of these acquired permanent buildings, known as moot halls. However, many moot halls are on relatively new sites within later [...]

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