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From the signboard:

British Aerospace Spacelab Pallet F003/MD004
The use of pallets for transport is not restricted to rail trucks.  During the 1980s, British Aerospace produced a series of pallets for carrying experiments and cargo on the American space shuttle as part of the European Spacelab programme.
To utilise the available space as efficiently as possible, the Spacelab [...]

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From information signboard:

Rotary snow-plough Xrot m No 100 Rotary Gotthard Railway GB 1895
The snow-plough body contains the boiler and a twin-cylinder steam engine driving the bucket wheel, which is nearly 3 metres in diameter.  The cutting blades were adjustable to cope with the varying hardness of the drifts.  The jet of snow that was hurled [...]

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To mark the inauguration of the Swiss Museum of Transport in 1959, the railway and model railway enthusiasts of Lucerne built a model representing the Gotthard north access ramp between Erstfeld and Wassen. They put in around 30,000 hours of voluntary work.
Ascending the mounting through helical tunnels – the Gotthard railway model shows Erstfeld station, [...]

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…the Swiss Transport Museum.

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The last two photos in my recent Blue Balls festival were taken from underneath the Lucerne Culture and Convention Centre’s overhanging roof.  The pictures in this post show how the building appears against its backdrop of mountains.  You can read about the building and the archect in a previous post of mine.

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