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Above the Thornton brass is a sculpture designed by Stephen Cox.  It represents a broken Communion wafer and the meniscus of a cup of Communion wine.

high up on the back of the reredos, is a curious sculpture of two discs.  The top one, in Egyptian alabaster, represents a broken Communion wafer while the second, in [...]

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This brass once covered the altar tomb of Roger Thompson.

[This] huge Flemish brass that formerly covered the altar tomb of Roger Thornton in the ancient Newcastle parish church of All Saints, Quayside, which closed for Anglican worship in 1959. It is believed to be the largest brass in the country.
It is pre-1429 and commemorates [...]

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Taken from a signboard located in front of the Black Gate:

Built between 1247 and 1250 during the reign of King Henry III, the Black Gate was the last addition to the medieval Castle defences.  Now a scheduled Ancient Monument and Grade I Listed Building it was the gatehouse of the barbican, a walled defensive entrance [...]

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In this photograph The Castle Keep is situated behind The Black Gate. The Castle Keep website has this to say about the keep:
The Castle Keep of Newcastle upon Tyne was built by Henry II between 1168-1178, it is one of the finest surviving examples of a Norman Keep in the country.
It stands within a [...]

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Info from Wiki:

The Central Arcade in Newcastle upon Tyne, England is an elegant Edwardian shopping arcade built in 1906 and designed by Oswald and Son, of Newcastle. It is contained within the Central Exchange building, which was built by Richard Grainger in 1836-38 to the designs of John Wardle and George Walker. The [...]

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