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We arrived for breakfast to find, unexpectedly, that it was in a different room with different waiters including the barman from previous evenings. In one corner of the room the Ice Sculptors were having breakfast together. One of them was rather rude, having a loud business conversation (that the whole room had to suffer) rather [...]

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We awoke to bright sunshine and had a window seat at breakfast that allowed us to enjoy the golden rays.
After breakfast Mr C headed off to visit a trade show, one of the main reasons for our stay in York. I walked into York thinking I would visit the ‘Chocolate Experience’ attraction when I got [...]

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We arrived at breakfast to find that it was ‘to order’ as starters and mains. Everything was there although perhaps not in quite the right order for me personally. I opted for the American stacked pancakes with berries. The breakfast room was a little chaotic, so rather than linger at the table we returned to [...]

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