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For 1300 years people have gathered around and altar here to break bread together in the Holy Eucharist. Still we come to hear the teaching of Jesus, to pray, to share the bread of life and the cup of salvation as did Worcester’s two great saints, Oswald (925-992) and Wulstan (c. 1008-1095), whose remains were [...]

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Altar of St Margaret of Scotland:
(c.1045-1093). Descendant of Alfred King of Wessex and ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II Canonised 1250.
Wife of King Malcolm III of Scotland. The 17th century frontal is thought to be Spanish but may be Italian, and shows scenes from the life of St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582).
It is one of the [...]

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Following on from the windmills our next port of call was the Jerusalem Church (Jeruzalemkark).

The striking Jeruzalemkerk was built between 1428 and 1465 and is a curious combination of Byzantine and Gothic styles. It was built by the Adornes family, originally merchants from Genoa, who had travelled on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and were [...]

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