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Imagine stepping back in time to Victorian Darlington, the town that became known as the Birthplace of the Modern Railway. Venture into the original 1840s railway station where time has stood still for over one hundred and fifty years. Discover the Booking Office with its original Victorian interior. Explore the platform that still has its [...]

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… a walk in pictures

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Raby Castle was built in the 14th century by the Nevill family. It was home to Cecily Nevill, mother of two kings of England, it was also the scene of the plotting of the Rising of the North and a Parliamentary stronghold during the Civil War.

Originally moated and accessed via a drawbridge, the Castle was [...]

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After breakfast which was almost back to normal, we headed off to the National Railway Museum. Our second attempt at visiting was successful and we arrived before the museum had opened. The museum is interesting, telling the progressive story of ‘Locomotion’. One of its prized exhibits is the original Locomotion No. 1, designed by George [...]

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