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I have already shown you the view towards Chatsworth in this previous post so today I will show you the other viewpoints from the house:
View towards Bolsover

View towards Wingfield

View towards the new hall

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The picture to the left shows an artists impression of what the Hill Great Chamber would have looked like, showing clearly that the room is full of design elements taken from ancient Roman architecture.  The pictures below are taken from the roof level and you can just see the remains of the balustrade that allowed [...]

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Hardwick Hall has an extensive set of Elizabethan plaster over-mantles. The reason these have survived despite the hall being open to the weather is because they each have a little roof over the top of them to throw the rainwater forward. They were first installed during a conservation campaign in 1911.

The Duke of [...]

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In her sixties when Bess of Hardwick was estranged from her fourth husband, George Talbot sixth earl of Shrewsbury she returned to her childhood home at Hardwick. She then embarked upon the task of completely rebuilding the old manor and transforming it into a more modern hall in keeping with her status as countess of [...]

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I wasn’t really ready to be on my way home, so I was a little bit sad to be booking out…
But ever one for an opportunity despite the forecast for rain, I detoured to visit Hardwick Hall on the journey home.  This property came highly recommended by my brother when we discussing National Trust properties [...]

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