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Near to the Necropolis and the Romantic Ruin is a viewing platform over Isola Bella Bay.

Conveniently situated by the viewing platform is Cafe L’Oblio, a cafe with a view.

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This ruin is situated near to the Arabian Necropolis.

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The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
William Butler Yeats

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The Necropolis is situatated just outside the town of Taormina.

In a wooded area along the Via Lurgi Pirandello, is a stretch of ancient wall with rows of recesses symmetrically arranged one above the other. These are not Roman ruins, as we might too hastily imagine, but the remains of an old Byzantine cemetery, probably used [...]

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Let the beauty we love be what we do.

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These extensive remains of the Roman period are among the most representative in the whole of Sicily. They consist of a long brick wall dating from the Imperial age, which was restored only in 1943. The Restoration also brought to light part of the original pavement. Although these Roman remains, running parallel to the upper [...]

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Probably, already in the advanced 1st century AD, this side of the forum seems to have already been occupied by the bath-building, which was enlarged in the 2nd century AD, superimposing and obliterating the Hellenistic public building. Excavations carried out in 1964-1966, and later in 1988 found a row of three heated rooms (calidaria) dated [...]

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