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Synopsis (from back cover):
Enormous, elephantine and extinct the mammoth is the iconic animal of the Ice Age. These colossal creatures roamed the cold, open landscapes of Europe, Asia and North America as recently as 20,000 years ago. Today, their well-preserved fossil remains generate much fascination and speculation around the world. Mammoths: Ice age Giants reveals [...]

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Freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of men’s minds which follows from the advance of science.
Charles Robert Darwin (1809 – 1882)

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One of the exhibits in the Human Biology section of the the Natural History Museum is this eight times lifesize model of a seven month old baby living with in its mother’s uterus. The baby will soon turn over so it’s head faces downwards ready for birth.
The sound of a mother’s heartbeat as heard from [...]

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I remember being rather disappointed with the Natural History Museum on my first visit there on a school trip.  There were lots of tired looking stuffed animals that didn’t capture my imagination.  There was however one part of the museum that blew me away and that was the museum’s Whale Hall. At the time it [...]

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The breakfast spread was nice but the service was typical of a London hotel. The toast didn’t arrive and had to be re-ordered.
Our first port of call for the day was the Natural History Museum.  We got there before the museum was open and there was already a queue to get in. When the gates [...]

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I am back from my travels to London to celebrate the birthday of a gentleman who has reached a certain age…
I spent this afternoon sorting out my photographs which are now ready for sharing along with my London adventures. Watch this space…

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