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Over the years I have stayed in many hotels in Newcastle. I first encountered the Hotel Vermont in 2013 and, although on that occasion I only stayed there for one night I immediately fell in love with it. Now it is my choice of accommodation when I stay in Newcastle.
From the hotel website:

The Vermont Hotel [...]

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The chapel lies below the main entrance stairway. In the middle ages it could only be entered from the outside through a small door to the left of the stairs. The chapel consists of a small nave set at right angles to the chancel, and was partly restored by John Dobson in 1848. It is now entered [...]

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The castle at Newcastle is situated on a steep sided promontory overlooking the River Tyne.
It is a naturally defensible site, which archaeological excavations show has been occupied for nearly 2000 years.  Flint flakes and a stone axe head hint at prehistoric activity, and the grooves left by early ploughs – ard marks – have been [...]

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In this photograph The Castle Keep is situated behind The Black Gate. The Castle Keep website has this to say about the keep:
The Castle Keep of Newcastle upon Tyne was built by Henry II between 1168-1178, it is one of the finest surviving examples of a Norman Keep in the country.
It stands within a [...]

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