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When one walks, one is brought into touch first of all with the essential relations between one’s physical powers and the character of the country; one is compelled to see it as its natives do. Then every man one meets is an individual.
Aleister Crowley

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Over the years I have stayed in many hotels in Newcastle. I first encountered the Hotel Vermont in 2013 and, although on that occasion I only stayed there for one night I immediately fell in love with it. Now it is my choice of accommodation when I stay in Newcastle.
From the hotel website:

The Vermont Hotel [...]

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We had set the radio alarm to wake us in plenty of time for a 10 am departure. I awoke to hear the breaking news that ‘Talk Talk’ (our email/web provider) had experienced a cyber attack and that users details had been downloaded. I lay in bed considering logging on to change the passwords to [...]

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Late today I returned from a long weekend away, spending time with family and friends. In the next few days I will share details from my recent travels before continuing with posts on my travels in Slovenia.

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