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2021 reviewed in 12 photographs, one from each month of the year.
For some of the months it was difficult to choose only one photograph.
The individual photos can be viewed by clicking on the links below.
1. Leegomery Pool, 2. Local Pathway, 3. All Saints Church, Wellington, 4. Hodnet Hall, 5. Ludlow Castle Walls, 6. Stonehenge, 7. [...]

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Before the Wellington Arch was moved to it’s present location it was topped by a controversial statue of The Duke of Wellington. When the arch was dismantled and relocated the statue was taken down and replaced by the Quadriga that now tops the arch. This left the question of what to do with [...]

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The Wellington Arch and its companion Marble Arch have interesting histories.  The English Heritage guidebook introduction gives a brief overview:

Usually built to commemorate a great victory, the triumphal arch was a familiar feature of the Roman world.  In the 1820s, this classical model was adapted by two of the finest architects on the day: Decimus [...]

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Many years ago, a former work colleague organised a day trip to London. The one off trip turned into an annual event taking place in October or November. A core group of people are always present on the trips. The 2013 trip took place last Saturday and, as one of my colleagues [...]

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