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Overnight the weather had turned from sunshine to showers. Mr C was working from home so I couldn’t do round the house circuits to meet my ‘Walking Challenge’ step count. This meant that despite the weather I had to head out on a walk… As I set off on my walk, the rain had eased [...]

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Strong gusts of wind outside the window shutters woke me up just before the alarm went off. I looked out of the window to find several sunbeds had blown into the hotel pool and that the balcony table’s cloth and cushions had blown onto the floor. We made our way downstairs to breakfast which was [...]

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As I left for work this morning it was blustery and chilly but on the plus side the sun was shining. On my journey to work a particularly vibrant rainbow in a strange patch of light caught my eye although sadly I had no time to stop and enjoy it. As I parked my car [...]

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It is my turn at Vision & Verb today.  My post is about the extreme weather that has been taking place in the British Isles recently.
I invite you to join me there.

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Genesis 6
12 And the Lord said: “Behold, I shall send a flood over the land, for I am sore weary of this gay marriage thing.
13 Not really.  It’s clearly nothing to do with that, it’s about climate change, though verily that shalt be denied by he who they call the Environment Secretary, for he shall [...]

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