Lunchtime Stroll

Overnight the weather had turned from sunshine to showers. Mr C was working from home so I couldn’t do round the house circuits to meet my ‘Walking Challenge’ step count. This meant that despite the weather I had to head out on a walk… As I set off on my walk, the rain had eased off and there was only a slight moisture in the air.

Lunchtime Stroll

Lunchtime Stroll

Mini Stonehenge

I stopped to take a photograph and when I turned around a gentleman who had briefly paused from his cycle ride asked me what I was  photographing. It was difficult for me to explain that I was taking a photo to show the sudden shift in weather from the hot sunny days we had been experiencing recently. I think the question was his excuse for starting a conversation. He shared a lot of his life experiences with me; monetary hardships in early life, the sadness of the death of his wife and bringing up two young children on his own, meeting and marrying his current wife who also had children (four) and how proud he is of all their achievements. I learned that he lives just around the corner from me so there is a chance will bump into each other again on our travels around the local area.

Sleeping Ducks

In other news… the ducks that were in my garden when I returned from my Sunday jaunt to Broughton Castle were sleeping quite happily in my garden this morning before waking and flying off. I was sitting quietly after I had returned from my walk when I heard a clunk on the roof causing me to look outside. The ducks were just landing on my garden path. They spent the rest of the afternoon in my garden, sitting, exploring sleeping, preening and eating. The male duck was very protective of the female duck, following her around everywhere. I think the lady duck may be choosing a suitable place to set up a nest…

Exploring Ducks

11 Comments CherryPie on May 25th 2018

11 Responses to “A Change of Weather”

  1. Amfortas says:

    A pleasant area for walking and a fine break from roads and houses. I do like that mini-Henge. :)

    Ducks are lovely but make a lovely mess in a suburban garden.

    • CherryPie says:

      There are many pleasant walkways for me to explore close to my house. Some of them I wouldn’t feel safe walking along alone so I have to pick and choose or do a detour to get to the best bits :-)

      Yes ducks can do a lot of damage in a garden, but thankfully in mine they were only eating grass and the weeds that we were intending to deal with this bank holiday weekend.

      I think the ducks may have left… there was a bit of a showdown with a couple of magpies mid morning.

      This evening the magpies decided to harass the blackbirds that are nesting in the corner of my garden. Magpies are predators and not unknown to steal eggs from nests. The small birds get agitated and send out their shrill alarm signals when magpies are present. Mr C shooed the magpies out of the tree.

      Calm and sweet singing returned to the garden.

      • CherryPie says:

        A couple of days ago the two magpies chased our resident buzzard away.

        After I returned from my morning walk today, bird activity in my garden had altered. The continual singing and chirping had stopped and the blackbirds were no longer gathering insects for their newly born.

        I am guessing that the magpies have stolen the baby birds to feed their newly born babies.

        The male blackbird is still singing and he is chasing another male blackbird off his territory more aggressively than he had been previously.

  2. Astrid says:

    (Found it)….this look like a great place to walk and I suppose the duck is waiting for more rain to fall?

  3. Hels says:

    Thank the rain for your stunning green colour. Our lawns are dull and ugly.

  4. Ayush Basu says:

    i quite like the fresh looking green grass, CP.

  5. Oh you got me in the pancake mood again!