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The Crypt is the most substantial remnant of St Wulfstan’s Cathedral. The semi-circular end of the crypt reflects the original shape of the main Cathedral above before it was extended in the thirteenth-century. Although the crypt is smaller than when it was built it is still an impressive work of late eleventh-century architecture.*

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Arthur, Prince of Wales, eldest son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, was born in 1486 and baptized by the Bishop of Worcester. With his father and mother, and grandmother. the Lady Margaret, he visited Worcester in his boyhood. At the age of 15 he was married to Catherine of Aragon; the young pair [...]

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The tomb of King John rests on the pavement within the Quire at Worcester Cathedral.

In his will, made a few days before his death and preserved in the cathedral library, he asked to be buried in the ‘church of St Mary and St Wulfstan at Worcester’. In his lifetime, John had often visited Worcester and [...]

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I didn’t have the best nights sleep due to the room being cold and Mr C turning the heating off because the room was airless and dry leaving me to be too warm if I wrapped myself up in the duvet and too cold if I didn’t.
The service at breakfast was just as chaotic as [...]

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