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In or Out?

The in and out campaigners, equally spout propaganda to entice us to support their view.
We also have the left winger/right winger instinctive put downs of each other disregarding the issue at hand…
The older generation 80/90s (people I know) view this in a different perspective than I do. They wonder if exit will lead to another [...]

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I was a little bit slow off the mark this morning. Mr C left the house for work earlier than usual because he had to catch an early train to London for a meeting. The lack of movement in the house and the fact that the radio’s Breakfast Show had a different presenter than normal [...]

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The latest ‘PCS People’ magazine has an article about a new exhibition that is being displayed in the ‘British Library’:

The propaganda of the state is placed under the microscope in a major new exhibition running at the British Library.
From the Little Red Book to the Green Cross Code visitors can expect an eclectic mix in [...]

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