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…to my new blog.

All my old posts, can be found on my original Blogspot Blog.  Due to firewall restrictions on my web space, I decided to leave them there rather than transfer them here.

To make it easy for people to find old posts that they might be interested in I have listed all the tags (with links) from the old blog.  They should now be searchable from this new blog.

52 Week challenge, Abbey, ABC Wednesday, Adam Ingram, Advert, AGM, Aliens, Android, Anniversary, Archeology, Art, Away day, Beauty, Belgium, Between the Lines, Big Brother, Bizarre, Blog, Blog Awards, Blog Birthday, BlogBlast, Blogesphere, Blogging, Bloghounds, Blogroll, Blues + Royals, Board Game, Book Review, Books, Budget, Campaign, Candle, Castle, Cathedral, Cherie’s Place, Cherie’s Place Thought, Chocolate, Christmas, Church, Civil Liberties, Civil Service, Clock, Co-incidence, Cold War, Compassion, Competition, Complications, Computing, Conference, Cosford, Credit Crunch, Cross, Data Base State, David Wright, Day Out, Decorating, Defence, Demonstration, Dinner, Dreams, Easter, Education, English Heritatge, Fairies, Family, Film, Firefox, Flames, Flickr, Flower, Flowers, Fly Past, Food, Forgiveness, Fountain, Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Friends, Friendship, Fun, Futab, Game, Garden, GCHQ, Girls Night Out, Global Crisis, Global Warming, Gordon Brown, Government, Happiness, Heaven, Hercules, History, Hope, Humour, Image Manipulation, International Women’s Day, Internet, iPod, Irony, Jobs, Joke, Journey, Knowledge, Lake, Lazy Day, Liberty, Life, Lille, Love, March, Mark Pritchard, Me, Media, Meeting, Meme, Memories, Microsoft, MoD, Monochrome Monday, MP, Museum, National Trust, Nature, Networking, New Home, New Year, News, NHS, Nostalgia, Not Quite Rest, Pathway, PCS, Peace, PFI, Photography, PhotoHunt, Pixar, Poetry, Politics, Poll, Portrait, Prague, Priory, Public Sector, Public Services, RAF, Rail Travel, Rally, Random Facts, Reading, Relaxation, Rememberance, Respect, Review, Rose, Roundup, Royal Airforce, Sapphire House, Science, Sea, Secret, Self Portrait, Ship, Shropshire, Shropshire Action Group, Sky, Sky Watch Friday, Slideshow, Slovenia, Snow, Spin, Stained Glass, Station, Stats, Sunset, Surveillance Society, Technology, Test, That Friday Feeling, The Twilight Zone, Theatre, Thoughts, Toast, Trade Union, Tree, Vacation, Valentine, Weapons, Weekend Away, Work, World Record, YouTube, Yugoslavia.

Footnote: This replaces my original welcome message  that I inadvertently deleted in error.

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