ms1884 – Michael Marks, a Russian-born Polish refugee, opened a stall at Leeds Kirkgate Market

1893 – Michael Marks opened a shop in Manchester, and lived above it

1894 – Thomas Spencer – a cashier and book-keeper invested £300 to become Michael Marks’ partner

1930 – M&S’s flagship store opened at Marble Arch, London

1931 – M&S introduced a food department into its stores, selling produce and canned goods

1939 – At the outbreak of World War II, M&S had 234 stores.  By 1945, more than 16 had been destroyed by bombs

1954 – M&S carried out the first-ever comprehensive leg survey to improve the fit of its stockings

1959 – Marks & Spencer was the first major retailer to  introduce a no smoking rule in all its stores

1971 – M&S frozen foods were trialled for the first time

1989 – Organic fruit, vegetables and salads were introduced in selected M&S stores

1997 – M&S’s Bodysensor range of opaque tights was launched and won the Queen’s Award for Innovation

1999 – Online shopping at M&S is born

2001 – The Per Una range for women, designed by George Davies, was launched

2007 – Marks & Spencer began selling exclusive ladder-resistant sheer hosiery

2008 – A charge of 5p for food carrier bags was introduced, helping raise funds for local environment projects

2009 – M&S agrees to stop charging £2 extra for DD+ bra sizes

2009 – M&S is 125 years old

Since the demise of Hamells and C&A I am an M&S girl through and through.  Sadly they never did stock my bra size so the extra pricing never was an issue for me ;-)

PS: Most facts courtesy of the May/June edition of the M&S magazine

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  1. The not-wife has become a figleaves girl when it comes to underwear. It’s a very handy site for sorting out Christmas or Birthday presents for her when I am at a loss!

  2. mutley says:

    We dont have them anywhere near me. Also I only buy cheap clothes…