The final destination after my visit to Snowshill Manor was The Old Bell at Malmesbury.  On arrival there was a surprise room upgrade (I wasn’t complaining) and a resident room bear.  The Old Bell is reputed to be the oldest purpose built hotel in England, it dates back to 1220 and stands next to Malmesbury’s medieval Abbey.

The first photograph clearly shows a window lock and looks out towards the bell tower.  It seems there only ever was a bell tower;  even though there is space for a church, there is no evidence that one was ever built.

The Old Bell from Within

The Old Bell

The Old Bell from Without

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20 Comments CherryPie on Jun 13th 2009

20 Responses to “PhotoHunt – Lock”

  1. NitWit1 says:

    Beautiful pictures and description.

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  2. luisa brehm says:

    for flowers fairy i have always time, oh yeahhhh !!! gorgeoussssssssssss shots !!!
    i read the rest after ….
    it’s Sto. Antonio day or lisbon day here and i’m off again ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))

    lots of love and kissessssssssssssssssssssssss
    and a fantastic weekend, my friend !!!

  3. Dragonstar says:

    What a lovely place Cherie! It looks perfect for a pleasant break.

  4. srp says:

    The window lock looks old and ornate.. I love these. Great pictures!! Mine is up here.

  5. jmb says:

    A combination post. A very beautiful as well as interesting place to visit. 1220. That puts everything in perspective doesn’t it?

    Happy weekend to you Cherie.

  6. Ooh Definitely it has to be a place to stay. I fancy a trip to the area. I haven’t been in ages

  7. Mariposa says:

    Thanks for the lovely tour!

    Mariposa’s PhotoHunt

  8. jameshigham says:

    You really do have this knack for the stunning photo. Did you see Dragonstar’s lock?

  9. What a lovely bell. Great pictures, I can smell freshe air from here.