Those who wish to appear wise among fools, among the wise seem foolish.

See the Light

22 Comments CherryPie on Jul 12th 2009

22 Responses to “Cherie’s Place – Thought for the Week”

  1. liz says:

    What a gorgeous photo! I was so taken by it I forgot to read the quote! Ah, right, I’ll have to think about that!

  2. Ahh so beautiful!

  3. lovely pic, wishing to be on that bench as we speak :)

  4. ubermouth says:

    That’s my idea of Heaven.

  5. Phidelm says:

    Beautiful pic, Cherie – love the bluebells.
    That’s a startling quote, really makes you think – thank you.

  6. jameshigham says:

    I’m having a picnic on that bench.

  7. -eve- says:

    what a beautiful picture
    i’d love to just go and sit in a place like that.
    and to have someone to sit there with – that would be just perfect :-)

  8. Phidelm says:

    Cherie, are you going to tell us where that garden is? Would love to know. Although if it’s a truly secret garden, then fair enough!

  9. Cherry,
    peace and not so quiet, with all the woodland creatures about. :)

    I’m always up for a picnic. Do you have the handy rucksack that has room for a wine bottle? :)

  10. jmb says:

    I just have to find the right group then, something in between.

    Lovely photo Cherie. I would be very happy to follow you around as you do visit the nicest places.

  11. Ellee says:

    Stunning bluebells, you are lucky to have visited this lovely garden.