PCS members have overwhelmingly re-elected Mark Serwotka for a third term as General Secretary of their union.

First elected in 2000, Mark Serwotka was returned for another five year term with 63.4% of the vote. His challenger received 36.6% of the votes cast.

With PCS members facing job cuts, privatisation, pay freezes and cuts to their redundancy terms in the New Year, the re-election of Mark Serwotka is an endorsement of the union’s active campaigning and organising strategy.

Mark’s re-election means that PCS remains united in its response to unilateral changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, which could lead to PCS members having their jobs cut on the cheap.

Mark Serwotka

6 Comments CherryPie on Dec 18th 2009

6 Responses to “Mark Serwotka Re-Elected”

  1. I’m glad he was re-elected. He’s got a tough time ahead but he is the best man for the job

  2. I certainly did and for Serwotka