Whilst I was at work today, we had another of those wonderful sunsets which I just had to capture on my mobile phone. I seem to remember it being a bit more vivid than it appears in this photo, but maybe that was just me viewing the world through rose tinted spectacles.

I shall miss these views when we move office location later in the year, especially as we will be sitting in the middle of the building so there will be no views of the outside world.

Speaking of work reminds me of the strange incident that happened when I was alone in the lift last week. At the end of the day I pressed the lift button and waited… When I got in the lift I noticed that the button for floor 0 had already been pressed, which I thought was a little odd because the lift was empty and no-one had exited before I got in. The lift then proceeded to go in totally the opposite direction to floor 4 which is completely unoccupied now. There was nobody waiting to get in the lift either! If someone had pressed the button up there the lift would normally have stopped at floor 4 first before coming back to floor 3 where I got on. As I was on my own I found it a little unsettling to say the least.

The next morning I mentioned it to the people who got in the lift with me. One of them mentioned that the building security guards have in the past commented that very occasionally it behaves in that way which made everyone shudder.

Beauty Before Evenfall

33 Comments CherryPie on Feb 15th 2010

33 Responses to “100 Photos 5 :: Sunsets”

  1. Andrew Scott says:

    Awesome photo Cherie! (although I know what you mean about the photo never quite being as stunning as the reality). But…………… when’s that promised Sunrise coming along? :)

    • CherryPie says:

      Weeelll I think I need the advice of I scientist who can tell me the best time of year. I need the longest lie in with the best possible opportunity for that special sunrise ;-)

  2. Yvonne says:

    i so understand, rarely do the pictures equal what the eye sees……. as for the lift…well maybe it just the universes way of giving you a moment to yourself????? Happy picture taking!

    • CherryPie says:

      It is funny how those colours deceive us :-)

      I am not to sure about the lift because I was on my own at my end of the office before I decided to go home…

  3. Claudia says:

    Sensational! I can’t believe it’s from a mobile phone. I’m thinking of getting one, just to take photos. Although I don’t seem to see anything as beautiful as you always do.

    • CherryPie says:

      I know you can see beauty in your everyday life because you are such a lovely person. Just get that mobile phone or digicam and follow your imagination :-) I am so looking forward to seeing some pics from you :-)

  4. Beautiful sunset! it is really hard to believe that you took this just with your phone. well done!

  5. Andrew Scott says:

    That was a crafty comment to me Cherie, as I expect you know that the latest sunrise won’t arrive again until late December, so you have given yourself plenty of time before you have to get up before the dawn and take the pic. But I’ll be waiting…

    • CherryPie says:

      I thought you might be waiting and I that I won’t get let off the hook. It is a shame that my November trips to the continent have ceased. There were some wicked sunrises on they journeys back to the ferry :-)

  6. Andrew Scott says:

    Alternatively… of course… you could just not go to bed on Midsummer’s Day and catch the sunrise at 04.44 am :)

  7. Sean Jeating says:

    Sometimes both, sunsets and the miraculous wonders of technic, are really uplifting, aren’t they? :)

    • CherryPie says:

      I enjoy the techic of the camera and the sunsets :-) I wasn’t at all sure about the lift!!!

      In addition a plate threw itself of someones desk today and they weren’t anywhere near it!

  8. jameshigham says:

    You work into the sunset? Wow.

  9. Sean Jeating says:

    Re the mystic plate: I leave the explanation of this phenomenon to Andrew. :)

  10. Andrew Scott says:

    The plate? Ministry of Defence “Staring at Goats” type research obviously, The Telekinesis for Security project. Or a poltergeist, of course. Or a plate left on the edge of a table. Or a ripple of the spacetime continuum disrupting gravity momentarily. Or a story someone made up. Or a crouching male colleague playing a prank on gullible girls (well done that man). So many options… I’d say a transient reversal of gravity cause by silly teenage aliens playing with their Dad’s hyperdrive systems with cloaking switched on though – such an obvious prank, and neither clever nor funny lads, really :)

    • CherryPie says:

      Hmm! It definitely wasn’t a crouching colleague male or female (no room)…

      It didn’t feel like a poltergeist…

      Space time continuum – maybe!

      Teenage aliens – That seems the most fitting for what happened!!!

      Now I just need them to go fix that roof tile I knocked out of the ceiling when I jumped out of my skin ;-)

  11. Sean Jeating says:

    See?! I knew why to leave it to Andrew. He’s just avantscientigardefic.

  12. Andrew Scott says:

    That’s not the sun in your photo by the way CherryPie – on closer examination I see the tell-tale infra-yellow spectrum and exhaust plume of the MarkIV Cloaked Hypercraft (5-door, hatchback, LX) often used by the well-known Plate-Throwing Aliens of Algadrogamadroga (to their friends, but just Xp-7567 to NASA). Up to their tricks again, sigh. It gets boring after a while. I’ve told them, but they find it funny.

  13. Andrew Scott says:

    Claudia – Re your camera phone temptation, please proceed. All the pics at my own blog are just taken with a fairly cheap camera phone, I just made sure I got one with a 5 megapixel camera. I look forward to seeing what the world looks like from an altitude of 5 feet ;) It’s dead easy to start up a blog at blogspot.com (for example). You would enjoy it and so would we, I’m sure

    • CherryPie says:

      I second that thought on Claudia starting up a blog. I love her conversations, thoughts and ideas and I know she would share some lovely/interesting photos.

      So Claudia?

      PS: I would never have guessed all your photos were from a camera phone…

  14. Andrew Scott says:

    Tips on how to get the better of them? At frequent intervals all day and every day say out loud “I can see you little aliens, cloaking device not working…na na na na na…” Drives ‘em mad! You’ll have a problem explaining it to the girls though, and the boss.

    • CherryPie says:

      Hmm! I can see how saying that at frequent intervals would cause problems with the boss and the girls. But I know how I could bring that into conversation with my immediate bosses so they would get it, the Aliens would be mad and the girls would be confused as usual ;-)

      They added bonus for the immediate bosses would be that they could tease the girls mercilessly :-O

  15. Andrew Scott says:

    While you’re at it tell the bosses that the aliens are the bosses really. Just little teenage aliens too. We are, sadly, teenagers’ toys, that’s all… (not a good climate for job hunting though so maybe best to just keep all these secrets to yourself, or you and the girls… sounds like the girls won’t do too much damage with any knowledge you give them… I can hear them now: “Oh, Aliens, Really? Oh… I wonder what bra size they are…?” You see? I’ve got life in your office sussed :)

    • CherryPie says:

      You have the girls sussed out perfectly ;-)

      Now the guys (most of the bosses are guys) are a bit flexible and it is possible by gentle persuasion to change there way of thinking ;-)

      Ooops! I think I have told YOU too many secrets now :-0

  16. Phidelm says:

    Amazing what can be done with a moby – and a good eye!
    Spooky story, Cherie … strangeness afoot. Celtic mysteries from deep within the Wrekin, with spirits causing mischief?