100photos2I got myself organised early this morning because my car was due for it’s service and I had to drop it off at the garage.  Then somehow I got into autopilot mode and drove straight past the garage heading off towards my workplace.  When I came to my senses I did a quick detour at the next roundabout and tried not to feel stupid.

As part of the service they will drop you off at a convenient local place, which saves the effort of trying to get some other form of transport to wherever you want to go.  Very few buses go to my workplace so it saved me a lot of hassle.

When I turned on the ignition after  I had got the car back one of those irritating alarm bells was bonging at me and I noticed they hadn’t removed the maintenance warning from the dashboard display.  This meant that I had to go back inside to get a mechanic to come out and reset it for me.  Then on the way home I noticed that the clock was now set at the wrong time!!!  What a good job I am not a technaphobe and I know how to read instruction manuals!

They do however seem to have found a car underneath the layer of dirt that had accumulated after the rain.  In fact I rather get the feeling they were trying to turn it into a mirror.

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8 Comments CherryPie on Jun 2nd 2010

8 Responses to “100 Photos 20 :: Transport”

  1. jameshigham says:

    one of those irritating alarm bells was bonging at me

    Permit me a smile. You keep your car clean too.

    • CherryPie says:

      Off course I keep my car clean!!! I normally take it down the road to be hand washed by a very industrious (but small) private enterprise ;-)

  2. Ah cars… I had one once (sighs)

  3. MTG says:

    I am a devout petrol-head; a confession of limited psychotherapeutic value.

  4. JD says:

    my favourite car……


    I have wantes one of these for about 40 years

    or I would settle for one of these if you know of any lying around anywhere-