Minnewater park is right next to the Beguinage of Bruges:
Minnewater park is dominated by its tree-fringed ‘Lake of Love’ and the Kasteel Minnewater, a chateau-style restaurant with a scenic waterside terrace. It is also a lush green space ideal for a picnic away from the crowds.

The origin of the lakes’s common name – the ‘Lake of Love’ – is the source of much debate. French novelist and poet Victor Hugo visited Bruges in 1837 and allegedly christened it the Lac d’Amour. It is said he was inspired by the word minne, medieval Dutch for ‘love’. But local legend has it that the minne was in fact a watery ghost: that of Saxon maiden Minna, who fled the home of her father rather than marry the suitor of his choice. When her lover returned from fighting the Romans, he found her dead of cold and hunger by a stream in the woods. He built a dyke, buried her in the ground, then released the water to create a lake over her resting place. *

I shall leave it for you to choose which version you like the best ;-)

Next to the Beguinage of Bruges

Minnewater Park

Autumnal Bridge

*Information from Insight Guides – Bruges Smart Guide.

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  1. Marta says:

    These are beautiful. I can’t pick out which one I like the best. Another great time to visit Brugge is in March/April. The meadow at the Beguinage is filled with crocus.