The Watcher or the Watched

17 Comments CherryPie on Mar 27th 2011

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  1. Bernard says:

    Hey, ho CherryPie, I seem to be first to go into bat today.
    This had me in stitches. “Birmingham Sealife Centre”.
    Birmingham is about as far from the sea as you can get. Well it was when I was around that ‘neck of the woods’. The ‘centre of England’ I believe is at Meriden.
    It’s a cracking picture though. Is that you in the background?
    And where is the camera?

    • CherryPie says:

      :-) It is a long way from the sea, but the sealife seems to be residing there quite comfortably…

      No that is not me (unusually) in this picture. It shows the tunnel which people walk through in the background and part of the tank in the foreground. The people are in the tunnel looking at the sealife in the tank.

      I love the distant turtle just coming into view :-)

  2. jameshigham says:

    Birmingham is a lovely place to be at 3 a.m. too with no services open.

  3. Ellee says:

    I do have my PADI 1 scuba diving certificate, so maybe I could join them.

  4. Claude says:

    Colourful! Very tempting to join the fish, as long as nobody is watching….

  5. Beautiful. It’s been so long since I’ve visited an aquarium..

  6. Janice says:

    A unique photo Cherie. I really like aquariums – some of the Chinese restaurants here have fantastic ones with rare very expensive fish.

  7. Altean says:

    We live in a local (by astronomical standards) Construct, created billions of years ago.

    A Construct deliberately designed to ultimately deliver Life, or Sentience.

    That Sentience was then helped along the way.

    Is that Life therefore, the Watcher, or the Watched?

    As for the Helper along the way, is it in turn a Watcher, or a Watched?, or perhaps the Original Constructor?…and still a Watched!

    The construct itself has several Matrices functioning simultaneously.

    One of the matrices may have been constructed by the Helpers…deliberately to aid the developing Sentience after its leg up in evolution. Or the Matrix may well have been part of the original Construct. My instincts speak to the latter, although they allow for the physical developement of that particulat Matrix along with the evolution of the Construct.. The marvel is the discovery of that Matrix by the Helpers, if indeed they are a seperate entitiy to the Constructor.

    The error in thinking that creates the need and ability to ignore this situation relies on a multitude of archaeological errors, perhaps Mr Darwin, and a strongly maintained educational power base.

    The multitude of archaeological errors are in turn created by a specific function in the original design of the Construct. If those functions were deliberately created by the original Constructor, they can be construed as a deliberate intent to hide the nature of the self-aware Life from its self, and a deliberate attempt to restrain the ultimate developement of the Sentience, or Life, and its abilities…its Self Recognition. On the other hand, once that Sentience, Life, had reached a certain level of knowledge, the understanding of the functions creating archaeological problems would act as an evolutionary spur to that Life, and speed further knowledge acquisition.

    The existence of the function may seem rather pernicious on the part of the Constructor. However, it is designed to ensure that only an Intelligent, Creative, Resourceful Sentience becomes the Planetary Dominant. It should therefore be viewed as a very subtle selector mechanism.

    The tragedy currently is that there is a denial of the existence of this archeaological error creating function, thus the spur to evolution will not be felt.

    So, the enigma of the Watcher and the Watched… is it in fact a circle, developing in detail?

    And who wants to be part of the circle?

    Blue Pill, or Red Pill?

    • CherryPie says:

      I believe ‘that Life’ is Watched and as to the Helper, possibly… It is also worth considering the intent of the watchers.

      I am aware that there are matrices although I haven’t studied them. Different people have mentioned different ideas and theories about them. It is my instinct also that at least one of them forms part of the original construct. There is also the possibility that they may be altered over time.

      Interesting thought on whether there was a deliberate intent to hide and restrain development of the sentience. I am inclined to think it was done to encourage the development of the sentience, so yes a subtle selector mechanism.

      Which moves me onto the circle Blue Pill/Red Pill.

      You might recall that I say ‘Life is for learning’.

      With the Red Pill option I would add to that.

      We also have to remember…

      I have been brief so that I don’t go off at a tangent as I am apt to do at times.

  8. Altean says:

    altered over time

    There have been two types of alteration.
    1)Natural evolution of the construct, which can only be anticipated in general, not detail.

    2)Accidental alterations impossible to anticipate.

    Both create the need for “repairs.”

    Recent repairs arise as a result of both of the above.

    done to encourage the development of the Sentience;
    Once that required level is reached, status quo and incredulity are barriers. That is where we are currently. We may yet be filtered out!

    Until that level is reached, that of understanding the filter, its effect on any developing Sentience does not, cannot exist.

    I well remember you mentioning “learning”. I knew you would chose the red pill.

    Unlike the film, it is not a rabbit hole, but a labyrinth.

    Welcome. ;-)

  9. CherryPie says:

    altered over time

    In relation to your second point I think that the sentient beings are able to make those changes deliberately. They do this because they have a partial understanding of the construct and haven’t thought about the wider consequences.

    I only have a partial understand so I would never meddle ;-)

    status quo and incredulity are barriers

    Yes, but my understanding is that ‘we’ as a collective will not be filtered out, the ‘individuals’ that have reached the understanding will be filtered in. (more on that later ;-) )

    Yes very much a labyrinth…

    The things you will remember I mentioned as ‘co-incidences’ ( I didn’t believe they were ‘co-incidences (apart from the occasional red herring to stop inappropriate comments… I am sure you know what I mean…)) are very much part of the labyrinth.

    Those ‘co-incidences’ have picked up again recently from a particular moment in time (I mentioned it to you). They have carried on in ever expanding circles…

    There is so much more to say on this, but you know already ;-)

    • CherryPie says:

      PS: I was asked to help with co-coordinating lip sink with sound and television picture just a couple of days ago. What film do you think was playing whilst I helped with that?


      I think not ;-)