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Welcome to Eden population:  Zero

Off the coast of Madagascar and on the run, underwater archaeologist Daniel Knox is searching for the wreck of a Chinese treasure ship.  But when and old friend and her father vanish from the idyllic Eden nature reserve, he breaks cover to go and investigate.

It is the opportunity for Georgian gangster Ilya Nergadze has been waiting for.  His two hit men close in fast on Knox, eager to settle and old score.  Also bound for Eden is TV zoologist Rebecca Kirkpatrick, determined to find her missing family and solve a mystery from her past.

As Knox and Rebecca chase their answers it becomes increasingly clear that Eden’s beautiful reefs and forests conceal more than a multitude of dangers and ugly truths – they also hide a lethal secret that could just rewrite the history of the New World.


This is the first book that I have read by Will Adams and although I found it a little slow to start off with it soon became a page turner.  The story continues on from where the storyline of the previous novel finished.  I didn’t find it a problem that I hadn’t read the previous novel because this story stands on it’s own. The plot has it’s share of twists and turns as the two main characters are drawn together from their separate lives.  Along the way it also covers some aspects of maritime history which is interesting in itself.

I found it an easy read with just enough plot twists to keep it interesting until the last page.  If you like this type of thriller it would be an ideal holiday read.

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  1. jameshigham says:

    Fiction is so much more real.

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