by Kathleen Raine

Spell of Creation

Within the flower there lies a seed,
Within the seed there springs a tree,
Within the tree there spreads a wood.

In the wood there burns a fire,
And in the fire there melts a stone,
Within the stone a ring of iron.

Within the ring there lies an O
Within the O there looks an eye,
In the eye there swims a sea,

And in the sea reflected sky,
And in the sky there shines the sun,
Within the sun a bird of gold.

Within the bird there beats a heart,
And from the heart there flows a song,
And in the song there sings a word.

In the word there speaks a world,
A word of joy, a world of grief,
From joy and grief there springs my love.

Oh love, my love, there springs a world,
And on the world there shines a sun
And in the sun there burns a fire,

Within the fire consumes my heart
And in my heart there beats a bird,
And in the bird there wakes an eye,

Within the eye, earth, sea and sky,
Earth, sky and sea within an O
Lie like the seed within the flower.

12 Comments CherryPie on Jun 15th 2011

12 Responses to “Spell of Creation”

  1. Never heard of sodcasting before. I live and learn.

    Perhaps those fire and brimstone street preachers engage in godcasting…

  2. Oops wrong blog! Beautiful post Cherie

  3. Altean says:

    X 100.

    The software goon said my comment was too short….

    X 100,000.

    That should fix it. ;-)

    • CherryPie says:

      :-) ;-)

      If I tried I could fix the software goon but I think it might allow bot spam through if I did.

      So I hope you don’t mind negotiating around the silly software goon… ;-)

  4. jameshigham says:

    The philosophy of life.

  5. Altean says:

    Not Philosophy, Cherry/Jameshigham

    It’s encoded.

    Basic building blocks re occuring…patterns conform to mathematical rules.

    Everywhere is patterns

    Maths is not an invention of we primates.

    Three things reach infinity…distance, time, and numbers

    • CherryPie says:

      I knew you would enjoy the poem, it speaks to me of the patterns of life, nature and the universe (not philosophy ;-) ).

      I came across something else very connected with these thoughts whilst I was away on my hols.

      You might recall my mention of subconscious doodlings, which I said I had evolved into connected seashells/whirls and that I had a couple of those doodles on my desk and that one of my colleagues had woken up dreaming about them recently?

      On my travels this week there was a perfect wasps nest on display. The patterns on the nest were a perfect replica of my doodles… Or are my doodles a perfect replica of the patterns on the wasps nest??

      I shall leave that thought there for now…

      When I go back to work I will bring the doodles home and scan them. I will upload the results alongside my pic of the wasps nest, so you can see what I mean :-)

  6. JD says:

    ah yes, Kathleen Raine – mystical poet, expert on William Blake and founder of the Temenos Academy