Regular readers will know that Cragside is one of my favourite places to visit.  During my recent visit to Northumberland I enjoyed seeing the gardens in a different season.  In this post you can see the formal gardens being stripped back and prepared for the summer bedding.

New to me on this visit was the addition of a bird hide just outside the formal gardens.  I took the opportunity to sit and rest a while within the hide.  I saw many varieties of birds flying too and fro.  Unfortunately they have stopped encouraging and feeding the red squirrels that can normally be seen there.  A grey squirrel has been seen in the vicinity and there is the worry that it might spread disease amongst the reds…

Welcome to Cragside Gardens


Dahlia Walk

Expanded View

Sit and Rest a While


10 Comments CherryPie on Aug 11th 2011

10 Responses to “Welcome to Cragside Gardens”

  1. What a peaceful garden CherryPie :-)

  2. Ginnie says:

    An English garden in the making, I see, Cherry. This is what you are so known for. I especially like the sweet bird and feeder in the last image.

  3. Frida says:

    This looks like a place in my taste. They have a lot of things in the planning I see.

  4. Claire says:

    Isn’t it lovely? I understand why you take your time when visiting, it certainly doesn’t look like a place to be hurried.

    • CherryPie says:

      There is so much to see and do there. It is best to get into the garden when it is quiet. It is always busier around the house because if people are only calling in, that is the bit of the property they visit.

  5. J_on_tour says:

    Cragside, now we’re talking. It’s been a while though as I can only remember one of your photos. It’s a shame to hear about the Greys.