From the guidebook:

The chapel has been in existence since the 12th century when Alice de Romille, Lady of Skipton Castle, granted the chaplain an allowance for gowns and food which was payable at Christmas.  The chapel is dedicated to St John the Evangelist and was reserved for the use of the lord and lady of the castle, and the farmer at Home Farm, 3.2km (2 miles) away.  the last two recorded uses of the chapel were in 1635, when Elizabeth Clifford, daughter of the fifth Earl of Cumberland, married Lord Dungarvan, and in 1637, when her daughter Katherine was baptised.

The Chapel

16 Comments CherryPie on Sep 15th 2011

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  1. Love the old stone architecture. Lovely photo.

  2. Mickie Brown says:

    What fun you must have visiting the old castles–such a rich and interesting history your country has. Great minds think alike– “Come rest awhile” your bench or mine-either one would be nice. Have a lovely weekend. Mickie :)

  3. Ginnie says:

    Talk about history, Cherry. That’s my kind of place. I’d love to see it one day!

  4. So much to do and so much to see in Yorkshire!
    I’d love to explore that part of England more often. :)

  5. jameshigham says:

    The window’s quite interesting.

  6. Sean Jeating says:

    … and when I think of today’s architectural masterpieces in 2900.
    Fine photo, CherryPie. I like the colours.

  7. Very simple and unpretentious!

  8. J_on_tour says:

    I sometimes take for granted the age of buildings like this and how they have survived middle ages wars and rebellions.