Which would you choose?

Single Malt Flavour Map

27 Comments CherryPie on Mar 5th 2012

27 Responses to “Rich, Delicate, Light or Smoky”

    • CherryPie says:

      I think there is some Ardbeg in my cabinet…

      I have two choices (a certain blogger would tell you that is because I am female and can’t make up my mind (no guesses who;)) )

      Laphroaig and Lagavulin in that order ;-)

  1. Claire says:

    Laphroaig 5*

  2. Frida says:

    I’d go for the fruity one.

  3. james higham says:

    Single malt – drop from heaven.

  4. Ha… Even whisky got its own chart, eh?!
    Delicate for me please.

    I’m more like a Bailey’s person. ;)

  5. Denise says:

    Light – cos it’s nearly a blonde just like me!

  6. Andrew S says:

    Choose? Don’t be silly. Try them all.

    Plus… a measure of each all mixed up together and given a good mix. Then, start all over again.

    As for Belgium beers, try them all… But as for Baileys? Oh my goodness… I’d rather drink mouthwash.

    • CherryPie says:

      You must know it is sacrilege to mix ’single malts’!!!

      Belgian Beers, I do have a taste for those especially when served with to compliment a Belgian meal ;-)

      • Andrew S says:

        Sacrilege only due to the makers trying to protect the over-hyped mystique of their brand. Try it sometime – a whole new landscape opens up… Chemistry is misicible (very different from missable)

        • Andrew S says:

          miscible even…

        • CherryPie says:

          Ahh! Now I see! You are mixing a few blends together to explore/compliment/enhance the tastes (rather like food/cooking explorations). I thought you were suggesting just throwing them into one pot and mixing them up in a mish mash of tastes…

  7. Claude says:

    I’m a wine person…

  8. Bernard says:

    On seeing the your title come up on my dashboard, I thought you might be talking about ‘lady-friends’. :o
    (full-bodied and fruity).
    Oh, boring old whisky. To be honest, I never touch the stuff. A bit too strong for my old, frail system.
    Like Claude, I’m a wine person. :)

  9. Barbara says:

    Well none actually. I can’t even stand the smell! Hubby would have his favourite though.

  10. I’m quite partial to Highland Park

  11. Twilight says:

    Scotch is my one and only tipple, but I usually drink blended – Famous Grouse preferred, Cutty Sark or Dewar’s 12 Year if Famous Grouse not available. I must have an ignorant palate because I find no benefit, at least none to justify the price hike, in single malts. :-) (Don’t enjoy smoky, peaty flavours – the scent alone puts me right off.)

    • CherryPie says:

      Maybe it is the fact that I have no sense of smell that allows me to enjoy the peaty flavours :-) I must admit I always refer to them as peaty and not smoky ;-)