Believe one who knows:  you will find more in woods than in books.  Trees and stones will teach you that which can never learn from the masters.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1641 – 1712)

Attingham Park

12 Comments CherryPie on Apr 14th 2013

12 Responses to “Cherie’s Place – Thought for the Week”

  1. Marcie says:

    What a gorgeous spring image. I nod my head and say ‘YES’ to that wonderful quote!

  2. Bernard says:

    It comes as no surprise to me that a St. Bernard would prefer to sniff around a tree or a pile of stones! :)
    In my experience they prefer woods to books anyday. :o
    Actually if you look at the date – circa 17C – I don’t expect there were many books around anyway.
    Much more fun to be had in the woods! :)

    • CherryPie says:

      I think it is a different Bernard and I don’t think he was carrying a tiny barrel of brandy around his neck ;-)

      There are lots of written texts from that era, but perhaps ‘books’ is not the correct way to describe them.

      There is more learning from nature, if we know how to look ;-)

  3. Claude says:

    What a lovely field!

  4. ....peter:) says:

    I like your thought for the week Cherie…
    but i spent the weekend watching the Masters golf tournament…
    an Australian won for the first time in its 77 years….
    your picture today looks a bit like the golf course except they had cut all the lovely dandelions down :-)

  5. Ginnie says:

    I definitely head for the woods any chance I get, Cherry, so maybe there’s something to that quote after all?! :) Are those dandelions or buttercups?? The latter, I hope. :)

  6. james higham says:

    “One who knows” is the whole issue here. Who is one who knows? Many claim the epithet but few actually do. There is One in a certain Book though.