Doth not nature itself teach you?

I Corinthians 11:14


29 Comments CherryPie on Jun 23rd 2013

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  1. Eh… I looked it up and found: ” Doth not nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?”

    Eh. No. Nature doth not teach me that.

    Cracking photo though.

  2. Claude says:

    Great photo. Beautiful flower. So refreshing!

  3. Claude says:

    You must have been pleased with that quote about long hair, Andrew-Yul? ;-)

  4. CherryPie says:


    What is the matter with everyone these days (not you Claude)?

    Everyone seems to be focusing on the written word rather than what is!

    • JD says:

      “In the beginning was the word!”
      …..and that’s when all the trouble started :)

      “whiten your latten and burn your books”

      • CherryPie says:

        When the comments thread got a bit out of hand I thought of you ;-)

        I knew exactly what you would be thinking :-)

        “In the beginning was the word!”
        …..and that’s when all the trouble started

  5. “What is the matter with everyone these days (not you Claude)?”

    Oh, that would be me then?

    Utter despair at the species I belong to, from the everyday trivial to the profound. Utter despair. The nonsense they believe in. The falsehoods that drive them on… I was thinking of giving online engagement with them a complete rest, perhaps a permanent rest. Perhaps I should have started that earlier this evening. Anyway, these may be my final foolish words, as a blog commenter if not a blogger. Yes, I think they will be. Farewell and Amen.

    • CherryPie says:

      What I meant is that here I am thinking about nature, its beauty its cycles etc Nothing more, nothing less. As Ginnie says below, Mother nature.

      Then in other places I am talking about the countryside and I am supposedly being political…

  6. ....peter:) says:

    It is a wonderful thought for the week Cherie… i love your light blue Morning Glory….peter:)

  7. Ginnie says:

    Without further ado…YES, Mother Nature teaches us everything we need to know, regardless of what anyone else says! :)

  8. Ayush says:

    a beautiful face of a beautiful flower

  9. That’s lovely, Cherie.

  10. Sean Jeating says:

    For the Suzies and JTs:
    somehow the discussion jumped from here to here.
    Fancy to have your say? : )