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Memory Candles

I am aware of why I first started blogging and the initial posts I made, but I am not sure why recently I felt the urge to find out what year that was, it turned out to be 2007.  My first blog post was not very interesting but it was the beginning of a journey…

My World
I thought I would change the layout of the ‘My World’ page on my website. That page was always intended to add random thoughts and current topics. But the way it was laid out didn’t really allow for this which meant that after I created the page it just languished there without any new comments.

I think this will be a much better way to add these sort of things, I hope you like it! I have added a few images I have taken this year just to give it a bit of interest to start off with :-)

I was going to style it so it looked more like the rest of the pages, but I thought leaving it the way it is might be a bit easier on the eye!

There have been some difficulties along the way, those difficulties have been overshadowed by the friends I have made and the ‘meeting of minds’.

My first commenter from the Blogging world was Jams on something I was passionate about.   The blog took over and I haven’t updated my webpage for many a year…  I am still (mostly) enjoying my blog journey…

Today is my 6th Blogiversary so I light a celebratory candle, the candle is also in memory of my friend Jams.

8 Comments CherryPie on Oct 25th 2013

8 Responses to “Memories”

  1. Congratulations and what a nice tribute to jams.

  2. rusty duck says:

    Congratulations, six years takes some doing!

  3. J_on_tour says:

    Congratulations on 6 years, it takes great dedication to do this I find as I’ve only been on blogger for half of that time. It’s strange how writing style develops from the first few posts … mine is embarrassing !
    I know I’m not that regular on here due to other time constraints but ‘d just like to mention at this point that I very much enjoy your contributions. I’d like to think that out of all the blogs I follow, yours is probably the one that is most similar to mine

    • CherryPie says:

      Thank you :-)

      I too think our blogs are similar, we have similar interests. The only difference is that I spread my visits over a few posts and you share your visits in one post.

      You are one of the main contributers of thoughts on my site, so don’t worry about being an irregular visitor ;-)