The Bourbaki Panorama

The Bourbaki Panorama is the best example I have seen of this type of artwork.

The 112 x 10 m large-scale panorama depicts the French Army of the East under General Bourbaki crossing the border into Switzerland and being disarmed in February 1871. The picture is complimented by 21 figures that tell the soldiers’ story.  Sound effects and an audio presentation, in which a contemporary witness describes his experience of the Bourbaki army’s internment, draw you in.  A multi-media exhibition expands on the theme.*

The Artist:

Edouard Castres witnessed the Franco-Prussian war as a volunteer with the Red Cross. His sketches and pictures portray the fate of the Bourbaki army in the bitter cold of February 1871. An entrepreneur commissioned Castres to depict the internment of the Bourbaki army in a large-scale panorama. He and his team of artists completed the work in Geneva in 1881. It has been hanging in Lucerne ever since 1889.*

You can get a flavour to the painting here and here.  Be sure to check out the interactive mode for best effect.

*From mini guide provided on entry to the panorama.

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  1. james higham says:

    Just clicked on it. Magnificent.